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An enterprise culture that is gratifying, scope for betterment and competitive benefits are what we propose to our employees.


Reman’s work culture is synonymous with positivity.

Reman offers the most attractive of career benefits to our employees. Our employees are of as much importance to us as our clients are. We were able to engrave the name Reman in the pharmaceutical niche, on par with the industry leaders, in a relatively short time span, all thanks to our employees’ steadfast diligence and commitment. When we refer to our employees as the ‘Reman family’, we honestly mean it. Reman is built on our client’s trust and employees’ dedication.

Our Work

Reman’s work culture is synonymous with positivity. We have conceived our workspace as a collective environment, which maintains that there is always room for improvisation, no matter what. We believe in people’s unlimited capacity to contribute to the entirety of an organization. At Reman, every employ is valued equally. The question is, are you open to new responsibilities and unexplored undertakings? Because that’s what await you at Reman. Our work ethics hold that your tenure at Reman should provide you with opportunities for professional as well as personal evolution. And we provide everything within our ability to ensure proper work-life balance.

An enterprise culture that is gratifying, scope for betterment and competitive benefits are what we propose to our employees. We market a wide range of innovative products that can equip the world in its journey towards a finer tomorrow. Reman envisages a world where everyone has access to better life care provisions. By joining hands with us, you will be contributing to the cause of making the world a healthier place.

Our People

We have a dynamic team of people who are veterans in their particular niches. Their expertise is Reman’s greatest asset, and their work manifests the ethics and standards we uphold. Our employees have always showcased a sense of solidarity and integrity in the face of the toughest of our challenges, and we have overcome every single challenge graciously. We entrust our key morals of quality and innovation with our people who push on our values through their work. We are open to our people and their ideas. Original concepts and remedy propositions can surface in myriad forms, we gather. This explains why Reman prefers and includes people having varied experience and diverse credentials in our team.

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Our Values

For us, Reman Lifecare is not just a business enterprise; we believe in giving back to the society. We know that, for the lion’s share of the world’s population, standard healthcare is more of a myth. To accomplish the dream of making the world a healthier place, we understand that people need to have access to life saving drugs at affordable prices, without compromising on the quality. Our values are deeply rooted in the principles of quality and affordability which we uphold in actualizing our vision of a healthier, better world. As part of the process of giving back to our society, we always ensure that the products that we market pan India are of standards that meet our vision.